Expert Python Programming

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Expert Python Programming Michal Jaworski, Tarek Ziade - okładka książki

Expert Python Programming Michal Jaworski, Tarek Ziade - okładka książki

Expert Python Programming Michal Jaworski, Tarek Ziade - okładka audiobooka MP3

Expert Python Programming Michal Jaworski, Tarek Ziade - okładka audiobooks CD

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Attain a deep understanding of building, maintaining, packaging, and shipping robust Python applications

Key Features

  • Discover the new features of Python, such as dictionary merge, the zoneinfo module, and structural pattern matching
  • Create manageable code to run in various environments with different sets of dependencies
  • Implement effective Python data structures and algorithms to write, test, and optimize code

Book Description

This new edition of Expert Python Programming provides you with a thorough understanding of the process of building and maintaining Python apps. Complete with best practices, useful tools, and standards implemented by professional Python developers, this fourth edition has been extensively updated. Become familiar with the latest Python improvements, syntax elements, and interesting tools to boost your development efficiency.

The initial few chapters will allow experienced programmers coming from different languages to transition to the Python ecosystem. You will explore common software design patterns and various programming methodologies, such as event-driven programming, concurrency, and metaprogramming. You will also go through complex code examples and try to solve meaningful problems by bridging Python with C and C++, writing extensions that benefit from the strengths of multiple languages. Finally, you will understand the complete lifetime of any application after it goes live, including packaging and testing automation.

By the end of this book, you will have gained actionable Python programming insights that will help you effectively solve challenging problems.

What you will learn

  • Explore modern ways of setting up repeatable and consistent Python development environments
  • Effectively package Python code for community and production use
  • Learn modern syntax elements of Python programming, such as f-strings, enums, and lambda functions
  • Demystify metaprogramming in Python with metaclasses
  • Write concurrent code in Python
  • Extend and integrate Python with code written in C and C++

Who this book is for

The Python programming book is intended for expert programmers who want to learn Python's advanced-level concepts and latest features.

Anyone who has basic Python skills should be able to follow the content of the book, although it might require some additional effort from less experienced programmers. It should also be a good introduction to Python 3.9 for those who are still a bit behind and continue to use other older versions.

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1 Michal Jaworski, Tarek Ziade

Tarek Ziadé — jest kierownikiem ds. technicznych w firmie Mozilla. Zajmuje się usługami sieciowymi o wielkiej skali w Pythonie na potrzeby przeglądarki Firefox. Jest także założycielem Afpy, Francuskiej Grupy Użytkowników Pythona. Wielokrotnie był prelegentem podczas konferencji Solutions Linux, PyCon, OSCON, EuroPython i innych.


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