Java 11 Cookbook

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Java 11 Cookbook Nick Samoylov, Mohamed Sanaulla - okładka książki

Java 11 Cookbook Nick Samoylov, Mohamed Sanaulla - okładka książki

Java 11 Cookbook Nick Samoylov, Mohamed Sanaulla - okładka audiobooka MP3

Java 11 Cookbook Nick Samoylov, Mohamed Sanaulla - okładka audiobooks CD

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Solutions for modular, functional, reactive, GUI, network, and multithreaded programming

Key Features

  • Explore the latest features of Java 11 to implement efficient and reliable code
  • Develop memory-efficient applications, understanding new garbage collection in Java 11
  • Create restful webservices and microservices with Spring boot 2 and Docker

Book Description

For more than three decades, Java has been on the forefront of developing robust software that has helped versatile businesses meet their requirements. Being one of the most widely used programming languages in history, it's imperative for Java developers to discover effective ways of using it in order to take full advantage of the power of the latest Java features. Java 11 Cookbook offers a range of software development solutions with simple and straightforward Java 11 code examples to help you build a modern software system.

Starting with the installation of Java, each recipe addresses various problem by explaining the solution and offering insights into how it works. You'll explore the new features added to Java 11 that will make your application modular, secure, and fast. The book contains recipes on functional programming, GUI programming, concurrent programming, and database programming in Java. You'll also be taken through the new features introduced in JDK 18.3 and 18.9.

By the end of this book, you'll be equipped with the skills required to write robust, scalable, and optimal Java code effectively.

What you will learn

  • Set up JDK and understand what's new in the JDK 11 installation
  • Implement object-oriented designs using classes and interfaces
  • Manage operating system processes
  • Create a modular application with clear dependencies
  • Build graphical user interfaces using JavaFX
  • Use the new HTTP Client API
  • Explore the new diagnostic features in Java 11
  • Discover how to use the new JShell REPL tool

Who this book is for

The book is for intermediate-to-advanced Java programmers who want to make their applications fast, secure, and scalable.

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