Mastering Bootstrap 4 - Second Edition

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Mastering Bootstrap 4 - Second Edition Benjamin Jakobus, Jason Marah - okładka książki

Mastering Bootstrap 4 - Second Edition Benjamin Jakobus, Jason Marah - okładka książki

Mastering Bootstrap 4 - Second Edition Benjamin Jakobus, Jason Marah - okładka audiobooka MP3

Mastering Bootstrap 4 - Second Edition Benjamin Jakobus, Jason Marah - okładka audiobooks CD

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Build responsive, dynamic, and mobile-first applications on the web with Bootstrap 4

About This Book

  • Master the art of creating highly intuitive and responsive web interfaces with Bootstrap 4
  • Combine the power of Bootstrap and popular front-end JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React to build cutting-edge web apps
  • Infuse your web pages with life and movement using Bootstrap jQuery plugins

Who This Book Is For

This book targets readers who wish to leverage Bootstrap 4 to create responsive web applications. Basic knowledge of web development concepts and web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a professional Bootstrap-based website from scratch without using third-party templates
  • Leverage Bootstrap's powerful grid system
  • Style various types of content and learn how to build a page's layout from scratch by applying the power of Bootstrap 4
  • Take advantage of Bootstrap's form helper and contextual classes
  • Improve your website's overall user experience with headers and footers
  • Infuse your web pages using Bootstrap jQuery plugins and create your own Bootstrap plugins
  • Learn what utility classes Bootstrap 4 has to offer, how they are implemented, and the best way to use them.
  • Create more advanced web interfaces by leveraging the power of accordions, dropdowns, and list groups.
  • Incorporate Bootstrap into an AngularJS or React application and use Bootstrap components as AngularJS directives

In Detail

Bootstrap 4 is a free CSS and JavaScript framework that allows developers to rapidly build responsive web interfaces. This book will help you use and adapt Bootstrap to produce enticing websites that fit your needs.

You will build a customized Bootstrap website from scratch, using various approaches to customize the framework with increasing levels of skill. You will get to grips with Bootstrap's key features and quickly discover various ways in which Bootstrap can help you develop web interfaces. Then take a walk through the fundamental features, such as its grid system, global styles, helper classes, and responsive utilities. When you have mastered these, you will discover how to structure page layouts, utilize Bootstrap's various navigation components, use forms, and style different types of content.

Among other things, you will also tour the anatomy of a Bootstrap plugin, create your own custom components, and extend Bootstrap using jQuery. You will also understand what utility classes Bootstrap 4 has to offer, and how you can use them effectively to speed up the development of your website.

Finally, you will discover how to optimize your website and integrate it with third-party frameworks.

By the end of this book, you will have a thorough knowledge of the framework's ins and outs, and will be able to build highly customizable and optimized web interfaces.

Style and approach

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to mastering the ins and outs of the Bootstrap framework to produce highly customizable, optimized, and sleek web interfaces.

O autorach książki

2 Benjamin Jakobus, Jason Marah

Benjamin Jakobus - jest informatykiem, specjalizował się w zaawansowanych systemach obliczeniowych. Jako inżynier oprogramowania pracował nad wieloma projektami w Europie i Brazylii

Jason Marah - jest inżynierem VP w Teckro. Pracuje jako programista pełnoekranowy, specjalizuje się w JavaScripcie i realizuje różne projekty w Europie.


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