Instant Oracle GoldenGate

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Tony Bruzzese
Instant Oracle GoldenGate Tony Bruzzese - okładka książki

Instant Oracle GoldenGate Tony Bruzzese - okładka książki

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Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive package for low-impact, real-time data capture, distribution, and delivery of transactional data across heterogeneous systems for continuous availability, zero downtime migration, and disaster recovery. All in all, it is a precise tool for data replication, regardless of the platform that you use in today’s environment. Instant Oracle GoldenGate exemplifies the ease of use of this package through the use of real-world examples. This book gives a good overview and hands-on approach to the most commonly used implementations in an Oracle GoldenGate environment.This How-to book will take you through a number of real-world examples quickly and effectively by eliminating much of the guess work for all users from novices to experienced users.

You will learn about the key components of the architecture and simple one-way replication for a number of database tables or an entire schema. You’ll be covering key concepts and the implementation of high availability configurations such as Oracle RAC, encryption, and many different ways to transform and filter data to your target systems.

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