Mastering Immutable.js

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Adam Boduch
Mastering Immutable.js Adam Boduch - okładka książki

Mastering Immutable.js Adam Boduch - okładka książki

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This book shows JavaScript developers how to build highly dependable JavaScript projects using the Immutable.js framework.

About This Book

  • Master the Immutable.js JavaScript framework
  • Build predictable and dependable applications using immutability
  • Control how data flows through your application
  • Control the effects of data flow in your user interface using Node.js

Who This Book Is For

This book is for JavaScript developers, from intermediate level and beyond, who need to create dependable JavaScript projects, using the Immutable.js JavaScript framework.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how Immutable.js can improve the dependability of your JavaScript code
  • Discover how to create Immutable data, and work with persistent changes
  • See how to combine and filter collections, and find items
  • Learn how to work with sequences and side effects
  • Sort collections, maps, and sets
  • Get to know tricks to avoid processing chains
  • Compare and move between lists, sets, and maps
  • Work with Immutable patterns and Immutable architecture

In Detail

Immutable.js is a JavaScript library that will improve the robustness and dependability of your larger JavaScript projects. All aspects of the Immutable.js framework are covered in this book, and common JavaScript situations are examined in a hands-on way so that you gain practical experience using Immutable.js that you can apply across your own JavaScript projects.

The key to building robust JavaScript applications using immutability is to control how data flows through your application, and how the side-effects of these flows are managed. Many problems that are difficult to pinpoint in large codebases stem from data that's been mutated where it shouldn't have been. With immutable data, you rule out an entire class of bugs.

Mastering Immutable.js takes a practical, hands-on approach throughout, and shows you the ins and outs of the Immutable.js framework so that you can confidently build successful and dependable JavaScript projects.

Style and Approach

Adam Boduch covers all the key concepts and benefits of immutability, and then presents you with hands-on practical experience on implementing immutability in your JavaScript projects.

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