Git for Programmers

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Jesse Liberty
Git for Programmers Jesse Liberty - okładka książki

Git for Programmers Jesse Liberty - okładka książki

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Whether you're looking for a book to deepen your understanding of Git or a refresher, this book is the ultimate guide to Git.

Git for Programmers comprehensively equips you with actionable insights on advanced Git concepts in an engaging and straightforward way. As you progress through the chapters, you'll gain expertise (and confidence) on Git with lots of practical use cases.

After a quick refresher on git history and installation, you'll dive straight into the creation and cloning of your repository. You'll explore Git places, branching, and GUIs to get familiar with the fundamentals. Then you'll learn how to handle merge conflicts, rebase, amend, interactive rebase, and use the log, as well as explore important Git commands for managing your repository.

The troubleshooting part of this Git book will include detailed instructions on how to bisect, blame, and several other problem handling techniques that will complete your newly acquired Git arsenal.

By the end of this book, you'll be using Git with confidence. Saving, sharing, managing files as well as undoing mistakes and basically rewriting history will be a breeze.

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1 Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty - jest prezesem firmy Liberty Associates, Inc., która ma w ofercie szkolenia dotyczące .NET, tworzenie programów na zamówienie, a także konsultacje. Był wiceprezesem działu informatycznego Citibanku, a także inżynierem i architektem oprogramowania w firmach AT&T, Ziff Davis, Xerox oraz PBS.

Jesse Liberty jest autorem kilkunastu książek dotyczących programowania dla sieci WWW oraz programowania zorientowanego obiektowo.

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