Adopting .NET 5

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Adopting .NET 5 Hammad Arif, Habib Qureshi - okładka książki

Adopting .NET 5 Hammad Arif, Habib Qureshi - okładka książki

Adopting .NET 5 Hammad Arif, Habib Qureshi - okładka audiobooka MP3

Adopting .NET 5 Hammad Arif, Habib Qureshi - okładka audiobooks CD

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.NET 5 is the unification of all .NET technologies in a single framework that can run on all platforms and provide a consistent experience to developers, regardless of the device, operating system (OS), or cloud platform they choose.

By updating to .NET 5, you can build software that can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing demands of modern consumers and stay up to date on the latest technology trends in .NET.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of all the technologies that will form the future landscape of .NET using practical examples based on real-world scenarios, along with best practices to help you migrate from legacy platforms.

You'll start by learning about Microsoft's vision and rationale for the unification of the platforms. Then, you'll cover all the new language enhancements in C# 9. As you advance, you'll find out how you can align yourself with modern technology trends, focusing on everything from microservices to orchestrated containerized deployments. Finally, you'll learn how to effectively integrate machine learning in .NET code.

By the end of this .NET book, you'll have gained a thorough understanding of the .NET 5 platform, together with a readiness to adapt to future .NET release cycles, and you'll be able to make architectural decisions about porting legacy systems and code bases to a newer platform.

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