Learning Ansible 2.7

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Learning Ansible 2.7 Fabio Alessandro Locati - okładka książki

Learning Ansible 2.7 Fabio Alessandro Locati - okładka książki

Learning Ansible 2.7 Fabio Alessandro Locati - okładka audiobooka MP3

Learning Ansible 2.7 Fabio Alessandro Locati - okładka audiobooks CD

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Use Ansible to configure your systems, deploy software, and orchestrate advanced IT tasks

Key Features

  • Get familiar with the fundamentals of Ansible 2.7
  • Understand how to use Ansible Tower to scale your IT automation
  • Gain insights into how to develop and test Ansible playbooks

Book Description

Ansible is an open source automation platform that assists organizations with tasks such as application deployment, orchestration, and task automation. With the release of Ansible 2.7, even complex tasks can be handled much more easily than before.

Learning Ansible 2.7 will help you take your first steps toward understanding the fundamentals and practical aspects of Ansible by introducing you to topics such as playbooks, modules, and the installation of Linux, Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), and Windows support. In addition to this, you will focus on various testing strategies, deployment, and orchestration to build on your knowledge. The book will then help you get accustomed to features including cleaner architecture, task blocks, and playbook parsing, which can help you to streamline automation processes. Next, you will learn how to integrate Ansible with cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) before gaining insights into the enterprise versions of Ansible, Ansible Tower and Ansible Galaxy. This will help you to use Ansible to interact with different operating systems and improve your working efficiency.

By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the Ansible skills you need to automate complex tasks for your organization.

What you will learn

  • Create a web server using Ansible
  • Write a custom module and test it
  • Deploy playbooks in the production environment
  • Troubleshoot networks using Ansible
  • Use Ansible Galaxy and Ansible Tower during deployment
  • Deploy an application with Ansible on AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean

Who this book is for

This beginner-level book is for system administrators who want to automate their organization's infrastructure using Ansible 2.7. No prior knowledge of Ansible is required

O autorze książki

1 Fabio Alessandro Locati

Fabio Alessandro Locati jest starszym architektem w Red Hat, prelegentem i twórcą oprogramowania open source. Zajmuje się systemem Linux, automatyzacją oraz technologiami chmury.


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