The Art of CRM

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The Art of CRM Max Fatouretchi - okładka książki

The Art of CRM Max Fatouretchi - okładka książki

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This CRM masterclass gives you a proven approach to modern customer relationship management

Key Features

  • Proven techniques to architect CRM systems that perform well, that are built on time and on budget, and that deliver value for many years
  • Combines technical knowledge and business experience to provide a powerful guide to CRM implementation
  • Covers modern CRM opportunities and challenges including machine learning, cloud hosting, and GDPR compliance

Book Description

CRM systems have delivered huge value to organizations. This book shares proven and cutting-edge techniques to increase the power of CRM even further.

In The Art of CRM, Max Fatouretchi shares his decades of experience building successful CRM systems that make a real difference to business performance.

Through clear processes, actionable advice, and informative case studies, The Art of CRM teaches you to design successful CRM systems for your clients.

Fatouretchi, founder of Academy4CRM institute, draws on his experience over 20 years and 200 CRM implementations worldwide.

Bringing CRM bang up to date, The Art of CRM shows how to add AI and machine learning, ensure compliance with GDPR, and choose between on-premise, cloud, and hybrid hosting solutions.

If you're looking for an expert guide to real-world CRM implementations, this book is for you.

What you will learn

  • Deliver CRM systems that are on time, on budget, and bring lasting value to organizations
  • Build CRM that excels at operations, analytics, and collaboration
  • Gather requirements effectively: identify key pain points, objectives, and functional requirements
  • Develop customer insight through 360-degree client view and client profiling
  • Turn customer requirements into a CRM design spec
  • Architect your CRM platform
  • Bring machine learning and artificial intelligence into your CRM system
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR and other critical regulations
  • Choose between on-premise, cloud, and hybrid hosting solutions

Who this book is for

CRM practitioners who want to update their work with new, proven techniques and approaches

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