Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service Robert van Molken, Phil Wilkins - okładka książki

Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service Robert van Molken, Phil Wilkins - okładka książki

Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service Robert van Molken, Phil Wilkins - okładka audiobooka MP3

Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service Robert van Molken, Phil Wilkins - okładka audiobooks CD

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Understand everything you need to know about Oracle's Integration Cloud Service and how to utilize it optimally for your business

About This Book

  • The only guide to Integration Cloud Service in the market
  • Focused on practical action to deliver business value
  • A professional's guide to an expensive product, providing comprehensive training, and showing how to extract real business value from the product

Who This Book Is For

This book is ideal for any IT professional working with ICS, any Oracle application or cloud solution developer or analyst who wants to work with ICS to deliver business value.

What You Will Learn

  • Use ICS to integrate different systems together without needing to be a developer
  • Gain understanding of what a number of technologies and standards provide – without needing to understand the fine details of those standards and technologies
  • Understand the use of connectors that Oracle provide from technology based connections such as file and database connections to SaaS solutions ranging from Salesforce to Twitter
  • Enrich data and extend SaaS integration to route to different instances
  • Utilize a number of tools to help develop and check that your integrations work before connecting to live systems
  • Introduce and explain integration concepts so that the integrations created are maintainable and sustainable for the longer term
  • Provide details on how to keep up to date with the features that Oracle and partners provide in the future
  • Get special connections developed to work with ICS

In Detail

Businesses are built on data, and applications that access that data. In modern businesses the same cloud-based data stores and applications might be accessed by hundreds of different applications from thousands of different devices via APIs. To make this happen, APIs must be wired together i.e. integrated. Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides a complete method for integrating enterprise applications in the cloud. Integration Cloud Service (ICS) provides a cloud hosted means to integrate systems together using a graphical means to define and represent integrations.

This book will be a comprehensive, hands-on guide to building successful, high-availability integrations on ICS. This book sets out to demonstrate how ICS can be used to effectively implement integrations that work both in the cloud and on premise. It starts with a fast, practical introduction to what ICS can do for your business and then shows how ICS allows you to develop integrations not only quickly but in a way that means they are maintainable and extensible. Gradually it moves into more advanced integrations, showing how to achieve sophisticated results with ICS and work with external applications. Finally the book shows you how to monitor cloud apps and go beyond ICS to build even more powerful integrated applications.

By the end of the book, you will the knowledge on how to use ICS to solve your own integration needs and harness the technologies in a maintainable and sustainable manner.

Style and approach

This book will take a pragmatic approach and will be a business-focused guide to delivering business value with ICS.

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