Build Applications with Meteor

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Dobrin Ganev
Build Applications with Meteor Dobrin Ganev - okładka książki

Build Applications with Meteor Dobrin Ganev - okładka książki

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Build a variety of cross-platform applications with the world's most complete full-stack JavaScript framework— Meteor

About This Book

  • Develop a set of real-world applications each exploring different features of Meteor
  • Make your app more appealing by adding reactivity and responsiveness to it
  • Work with the most powerful feature of Meteor—the “full stack reactivity”—through building real-time applications with many third party libraries

Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer who is looking forward to taking your application development skills with Meteor to next level by getting your hands-on different projects, this book is for you.

What You Will Learn

  • See how Meteor fits in the modern web application development by using its reactive data system
  • Make your front-end behave consistently across environments by implementing a predictable state container with Redux
  • Get familiar with React and overview of Angular 2
  • Add a map to your application with a real-time geolocation
  • Plugin into Meteor social media APIs like Twitter's streaming and Facebook's Messenger
  • Add search functionality from scratch to your existing app and data
  • Add responsiveness with Bootstrap 4 and Google's Material Design using Less and Sass
  • Distribute your data across machines and data centers by adding Apache Cassandra to your existing stack.
  • Learn how to scale your microservices with the high performant language neutral framework gRPC.
  • Learn how to query multiple data sources using GraphQL.

In Detail

This book starts with the basic installation and overview of the main components in Meteor. You'll get hands-on multiple versatile applications covering a wide range of topics from adding a front-end views with the hottest rendering technology React to implementing a microservices oriented architecture.All the code is written with ES6/7 which is the latest significantly improved JavaScript language. We'll also look at real-time data streaming, server to server data exchange, responsive styles on the front-end, full-text search functionality, and integration of many third-party libraries and APIs using npm.

By the end of the book, you'll have the skills to quickly prototype and even launch your next app idea in a matter of days.

Style and Approach

This book takes an easy-to-follow project-based approach. Each project starts with the goal of what you will learn and an overview the technologies used.

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