Running Lean. 3rd Edition

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Ash Maurya
Running Lean. 3rd Edition Ash Maurya - okładka książki

Running Lean. 3rd Edition Ash Maurya - okładka książki

Running Lean. 3rd Edition Ash Maurya - okładka audiobooka MP3

Running Lean. 3rd Edition Ash Maurya - okładka audiobooks CD

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We're building more products today than ever before, but most of them fail--not because we can't complete what we want to build but because we waste time, money, and effort building the wrong product. What we need is a systematic process for quickly vetting product ideas and raising our odds of success. That's the promise of Running Lean.

In this inspiring book, Ash Maurya takes you through an exacting strategy for achieving product/market fit for your fledgling venture. You'll learn ideas and concepts from several innovative methodologies, including the Lean Startup, business model design, design thinking, and Jobs-to-be-Done. This new edition introduces the continuous innovation framework and follows one entrepreneur's journey from initial vision to a business model that works.

  • Deconstruct your idea using a one-page Lean Canvas
  • Stress-test your idea for desirability, viability, and feasibility
  • Define key milestones charted on a traction roadmap
  • Maximize your team's efforts for speed, learning, and focus
  • Prioritize the right actions at the right time
  • Learn how to conduct effective customer interviews
  • Engage your customers throughout the development cycle
  • Continually test your product with smaller, faster iterations
  • Find a repeatable and scalable business model

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1 Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya jest autorem bestsellerowych książek, twórcą popularnego szablonu Lean Canvas i modelu pod nazwą Ciągła Innowacja. Fragmenty jego bloga były publikowane w Inc. Magazine, Forbes i Fortune. Gościnnie wykłada na takich uczelniach jak Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard i Uniwersytet Teksański w Austin. Mieszka w Austin w Teksasie.

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