Practical Process Automation

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Bernd Ruecker
Practical Process Automation Bernd Ruecker - okładka książki

Practical Process Automation Bernd Ruecker - okładka książki

Practical Process Automation Bernd Ruecker - okładka audiobooka MP3

Practical Process Automation Bernd Ruecker - okładka audiobooks CD

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In todayâ??s IT architectures, microservices and serverless functions play increasingly important roles in process automation. But how do you create meaningful, comprehensive, and connected business solutions when the individual components are decoupled and independent by design? Targeted at developers and architects, this book presents a framework through examples, practical advice, and use cases to help you design and automate complex processes.

As systems are more distributed, asynchronous, and reactive, process automation requires state handling to deal with long-running interactions. Author Bernd Ruecker demonstrates how to leverage process automation technology like workflow engines to orchestrate software, humans, decisions, or bots.

  • Learn how modern process automation compares to business process management, service-oriented architecture, batch processing, event streaming, and data pipeline solutions
  • Understand how to use workflow engines and executable process models with BPMN
  • Understand the difference between orchestration and choreography and how to balance both

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