Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Third edition

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Leif Larsen
Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Third edition Leif Larsen - okładka książki

Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Third edition Leif Larsen - okładka książki

Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Third edition Leif Larsen - okładka audiobooka MP3

Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Third edition Leif Larsen - okładka audiobooks CD

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Build smarter applications with AI capabilities using Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs without much hassle

Key Features

  • Explore the Cognitive Services APIs for building machine learning applications
  • Build applications with computer vision, speech recognition, and language processing capabilities
  • Learn to implement human-like cognitive intelligence for your applications

Book Description

Microsoft Cognitive Services is a set of APIs for adding intelligence to your application and leverage the power of AI to solve any business problem using the cognitive capabilities.

This book will be your practical guide to working with cognitive APIs developed by Microsoft and provided with the Azure platform to developers and businesses. You will learn to integrate the APIs with your applications in Visual Studio. The book introduces you to about 24 APIs including Emotion, Language, Vision, Speech, Knowledge, and Search among others. With the easy-to-follow examples you will be able to develop applications for image processing, speech recognition, text procession, and so on to enhance the capability of your applications to perform more human-like tasks. Going ahead, the book will help you work with the datasets that enable your applications to process various data in form of image, videos, and texts.

By the end of the book, you will get confident to explore the Cognitive Services APIs for your applications and make them intelligent for deploying in businesses.

What you will learn

  • Identify a person through visual and audio inspection
  • Reduce user effort by utilizing AI-like capabilities
  • Understand how to analyze images and texts in different ways
  • Analyze images using Vision APIs
  • Add video analysis to applications using Vision APIs
  • Utilize Search to find anything you want
  • Analyze text to extract information and explore text structure

Who this book is for

Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services is for developers and machine learning enthusiasts who want to get started with building intelligent applications without much programming knowledge. Some prior knowledge of .NET and Visual Studio will help you undertake the tasks explained in this book.

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