Jupyter for Data Science

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Dan Toomey
Jupyter for Data Science Dan Toomey - okładka książki

Jupyter for Data Science Dan Toomey - okładka książki

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Jupyter Notebook is a web-based environment that enables interactive computing in notebook documents. It allows you to create documents that contain live code, equations, and visualizations. This book is a comprehensive guide to getting started with data science using the popular Jupyter notebook.

If you are familiar with Jupyter notebook and want to learn how to use its capabilities to perform various data science tasks, this is the book for you! From data exploration to visualization, this book will take you through every step of the way in implementing an effective data science pipeline using Jupyter. You will also see how you can utilize Jupyter's features to share your documents and codes with your colleagues. The book also explains how Python 3, R, and Julia can be integrated with Jupyter for various data science tasks.

By the end of this book, you will comfortably leverage the power of Jupyter to perform various tasks in data science successfully.

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