Java Data Science Cookbook

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Rushdi Shams
Java Data Science Cookbook Rushdi Shams - okładka książki

Java Data Science Cookbook Rushdi Shams - okładka książki

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Recipes to help you overcome your data science hurdles using Java

About This Book

  • This book provides modern recipes in small steps to help an apprentice cook become a master chef in data science
  • Use these recipes to obtain, clean, analyze, and learn from your data
  • Learn how to get your data science applications to production and enterprise environments effortlessly

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Java developers who are familiar with the fundamentals of data science and want to improve their skills to become a pro.

What You Will Learn

  • Find out how to clean and make datasets ready so you can acquire actual insights by removing noise and outliers
  • Develop the skills to use modern machine learning techniques to retrieve information and transform data to knowledge. retrieve information from large amount of data in text format.
  • Familiarize yourself with cutting-edge techniques to store and search large volumes of data and retrieve information from large amounts of data in text format
  • Develop basic skills to apply big data and deep learning technologies on large volumes of data
  • Evolve your data visualization skills and gain valuable insights from your data
  • Get to know a step-by-step formula to develop an industry-standard, large-scale, real-life data product
  • Gain the skills to visualize data and interact with users through data insights

In Detail

If you are looking to build data science models that are good for production, Java has come to the rescue. With the aid of strong libraries such as MLlib, Weka, DL4j, and more, you can efficiently perform all the data science tasks you need to.

This unique book provides modern recipes to solve your common and not-so-common data science-related problems. We start with recipes to help you obtain, clean, index, and search data. Then you will learn a variety of techniques to analyze, learn from, and retrieve information from data. You will also understand how to handle big data, learn deeply from data, and visualize data.

Finally, you will work through unique recipes that solve your problems while taking data science to production, writing distributed data science applications, and much more—things that will come in handy at work.

Style and approach

This book contains short yet very effective recipes to solve most common problems. Some recipes cater to very specific, rare pain points. The recipes cover different data sets and work very closely to real production environments

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