Data Analytics Made Easy

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Data Analytics Made Easy Andrea De Mauro - okładka książki

Data Analytics Made Easy Andrea De Mauro - okładka książki

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Data Analytics Made Easy is an accessible beginner's guide for anyone working with data. The book interweaves four key elements:

Data visualizations and storytelling - Tired of people not listening to you and ignoring your results? Don't worry; chapters 7 and 8 show you how to enhance your presentations and engage with your managers and co-workers. Learn to create focused content with a well-structured story behind it to captivate your audience.

Automating your data workflows - Improve your productivity by automating your data analysis. This book introduces you to the open-source platform, KNIME Analytics Platform. You'll see how to use this no-code and free-to-use software to create a KNIME workflow of your data processes just by clicking and dragging components.

Machine learning - Data Analytics Made Easy describes popular machine learning approaches in a simplified and visual way before implementing these machine learning models using KNIME. You'll not only be able to understand data scientists' machine learning models; you'll be able to challenge them and build your own.

Creating interactive dashboards - Follow the book's simple methodology to create professional-looking dashboards using Microsoft Power BI, giving users the capability to slice and dice data and drill down into the results.

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