Coding with Coda

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Eric J Gruber
Coding with Coda Eric J Gruber - okładka książki

Coding with Coda Eric J Gruber - okładka książki

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Like to build websites in the wild with your MacBook? This concise hands-on guide introduces you to the ideal editor: Coda 2. Rather than clutter your screen with shell access, a separate CSS editor, and a version control app, you’ll discover how Coda’s "one-window web development" bundles everything into one neat application. Take Coda on a trial run, then learn step-by-step how to configure each feature to fit your working style. You’ll find out firsthand how Coda will save you time and effort on your next project.

  • Get to know Coda’s workflow by building a sample site
  • Delve into features such as the tab bar, path bar, sidebar, and Sites view
  • Set up your own development environment—and dig deeper into the editor’s options
  • Get tips for taking full advantage of the text and MySQL editors
  • Create a Git or Subversion repository for source control management
  • Learn the finer points of sharing project documents across a network
  • Discover the built-in reference books, and learn how to extend Coda

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