Wearable-Tech Projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero

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Jon Witts
Wearable-Tech Projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero Jon Witts - okładka książki

Wearable-Tech Projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero Jon Witts - okładka książki

Wearable-Tech Projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero Jon Witts - okładka audiobooka MP3

Wearable-Tech Projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero Jon Witts - okładka audiobooks CD

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Leverage the cheapest and smallest computer to build exciting wearable-tech projects.

About This Book

  • A practical and imaginative guide that exposes you to amazing wearable-tech projects
  • Create our own heart-rate monitor device and cool projects such as a Tweet-activated LED T-shirt
  • A practical guide packed with real-world, useful wearable-tech projects

Who This Book Is For


While some prior knowledge of Python programming and use of the terminal on the Raspberry Pi would be advantageous, they are by no means necessary. Each chapter clearly sets the steps to be taken on your wearable-tech adventure. The first chapter assumes no prior knowledge to get your Pi Zero and you, up and running. The complexity of the electronic devices used, progress incrementally as you work through the chapters; there are clear steps to follow and pictures to help you at every turn along the way.

What You Will Learn

  • Make use of your Raspberry Pi Zero to create wearable-tech projects
  • Interface with electronic devices and use Python to control them; incorporate these into real-world, practical, wearable-tech projects
  • Add LED devices to clothing and connect them to your Pi Zero
  • Change how LEDs react based upon your movement or messages sent through Twitter
  • Create a pedometer and heart rate monitor
  • Create your own GPS tracker

In Detail

With Wearable-Tech Projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero, you will begin with learning how to install the required software for your upcoming projects. You will also learn how to control electronic devices with the GPIOZero Python library. Next, you will be creating some stylish wearable-tech projects such as a motion-reactive LED cap and a Tweet-activated LED T-shirt.

Toward the end of the book, you will be creating some useful health and fitness wearable-tech projects; these will help you monitor your heart rate, track your movements with GPS, and count your footsteps with your own pedometer.

By the end of the book, you will have created a range of wearable-tech projects and learned enough about your Raspberry Pi Zero that you should be able to adapt these projects further or come up with your own creations!

Style and approach

This book showcases interesting and cool projects that use the Raspberry Pi Zero in wearable-tech. This book is for readers who are looking to progress to the next level of integrating hardware into their projects. Upon completion of each project, you will have a functional device that can be worn either to enhance your style or to provide you with practical data.

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