The Clouds Economy

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Matt Mayevsky
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Cloud Computing (CC) is listed by Citibank among ten markets of the future, which in the perspective of the next two decades will change the world. According to Gartner, the consulting firm, in 2016 The total value of the world market of Cloud services will amount to 131 billion $. If we add, except for the above two information, the global trend of the data migration, computational power and software from stationary and mobile equipment to Cloud, we can be sure that we live in the era of Clouds.
Not being conscious of that we often take advantage of Cloud services through placing photos in Flickr, or collecting music in Deezer, storing books in iBook, mail in Gmail, or the content of the electronic archive in Dropbox. All these and similar services provide remote, shared, synchronized access to our data, favorite applications and computational power. Paraphrasing words of Gordon Gekko, from his film: ownership is not the most important thing, but access.
So, When it comes to access... "The Clouds Economy" is a publication of the manual – guide character providing… access to unique knowledge and information about Cloud Computing. The book is one of the most synthetic compendia concerning the concept of Cloud Computing in a broad and comprehensive way from both the individual and business user’s perspective. "The Clouds Economy" discovers the complex world of the future market in which we participate today. It is a compass of knowledge and information orienting a user in the possibilities of Cloud services.
The publication answers key questions: why and how should we take advantage of Cloud Computing? The description of the CC market development, the CC influence on industries and sectors, making the complex system of CC services much clearer, chances and threats of CC, a lot of examples and advice concerning applications, references  to providers of the CC services – all this determines the value of the publication to all readers – surfers. It is worth paying attention to alternative scenarios of the future, trends, anecdotes and timeline of Cloud Computing. "The Clouds Economy", rich in illustration, makes reading light and pleasant.
One of the key benefits of the publication is an e-supplement entitled: "The International Atlas of Clouds Services and Tools". The e-supplement includes a unique offer dedicated only to readers of "The Clouds Economy". All readers can take advantage of the unique offer, choosing the best solutions for themselves included in one international set of Cloud proposals. The "Atlas" is prepared with the participations of the most innovative Cloud providers. 

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