Learning C++ Functional Programming

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Wisnu Anggoro
Learning C++ Functional Programming Wisnu Anggoro - okładka książki

Learning C++ Functional Programming Wisnu Anggoro - okładka książki

Learning C++ Functional Programming Wisnu Anggoro - okładka audiobooka MP3

Learning C++ Functional Programming Wisnu Anggoro - okładka audiobooks CD

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Apply Functional Programming techniques to C++ to build highly modular, testable, and reusable code

About This Book

  • Modularize your applications and make them highly reusable and testable
  • Get familiar with complex concepts such as metaprogramming, concurrency, and immutability
  • A highly practical guide to building functional code in C++ filled with lots of examples and real-world use cases

Who This Book Is For

This book is for C++ developers comfortable with OOP who are interested in learning how to apply the functional paradigm to create robust and testable apps.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to know the difference between imperative and functional approaches
  • See the use of first-class functions and pure functions in a functional style
  • Discover various techniques to apply immutable state to avoid side effects
  • Design a recursive algorithm effectively
  • Create faster programs using lazy evaluation
  • Structure code using design patterns to make the design process easier
  • Use concurrency techniques to develop responsive software
  • Learn how to use the C++ Standard Template Library and metaprogramming in a functional way to improve code optimization

In Detail

Functional programming allows developers to divide programs into smaller, reusable components that ease the creation, testing, and maintenance of software as a whole. Combined with the power of C++, you can develop robust and scalable applications that fulfill modern day software requirements. This book will help you discover all the C++ 17 features that can be applied to build software in a functional way.

The book is divided into three modules—the first introduces the fundamentals of functional programming and how it is supported by modern C++. The second module explains how to efficiently implement C++ features such as pure functions and immutable states to build robust applications. The last module describes how to achieve concurrency and apply design patterns to enhance your application's performance. Here, you will also learn to optimize code using metaprogramming in a functional way.

By the end of the book, you will be familiar with the functional approach of programming and will be able to use these techniques on a daily basis.

Style and approach

This book uses a module-based approach, where each module will cover important aspects of functional programming in C++ and will help you develop efficient and robust applications through gaining a practical understanding.

O autorze książki

1 Wisnu Anggoro

Wisnu Anggoro jest doświadczonym programistą C/C++, certyfikowanym przez Microsoft (Microsoft Certified Professional) w zakresie programowania w C++. Programowaniem zajmuje się od czasów szkolnych (czyli około 20 lat). Wyspecjalizował się w programowaniu kart elektronicznych, komputerów i aplikacji internetowych. Obecnie pracuje jako starszy programista kart elektronicznych w CIPTA, indonezyjskiej firmie specjalizującej się w innowacji i technologii kart.


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