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Okładka książki/ebooka Go Web Development Cookbook

Okładka książki Go Web Development Cookbook

Okładka książki Go Web Development Cookbook

Okładka książki Go Web Development Cookbook

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86 recipes on how to build fast, scalable, and powerful web services and applications with Go

Key Features

  • Become proficient in RESTful web services
  • Build scalable, high-performant web applications in Go
  • Get acquainted with Go frameworks for web development

Book Description

Go is an open source programming language that is designed to scale and support concurrency at the language level. This gives you the liberty to write large concurrent web applications with ease. From creating web application to deploying them on Amazon Cloud Services, this book will be your one-stop guide to learn web development in Go. The Go Web Development Cookbook teaches you how to create REST services, write microservices, and deploy Go Docker containers. Whether you are new to programming or a professional developer, this book will help get you up to speed with web development in Go. We will focus on writing modular code in Go; in-depth informative examples build the base, one step at a time. You will learn how to create a server, work with static files, SQL, NoSQL databases, and Beego. You will also learn how to create and secure REST services, and create and deploy Go web application and Go Docker containers on Amazon Cloud Services. By the end of the book, you will be able to apply the skills you've gained in Go to create and explore web applications in any domain.

What you will learn

  • Create a simple HTTP and TCP web server and understand how it works
  • Explore record in a MySQL and MongoDB database
  • Write and consume RESTful web service in Go
  • Invent microservices in Go using Micro – a microservice toolkit
  • Create and Deploy the Beego application with Nginx
  • Deploy Go web application and Docker containers on an AWS EC2 instance

Who this book is for

This book is for Go developers interested in learning how to use Go to build powerful web applications. A background in web development is expected.

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