CentOS Quick Start Guide

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CentOS Quick Start Guide Shiwang Kalkhanda - okładka książki

CentOS Quick Start Guide Shiwang Kalkhanda - okładka książki

CentOS Quick Start Guide Shiwang Kalkhanda - okładka audiobooka MP3

CentOS Quick Start Guide Shiwang Kalkhanda - okładka audiobooks CD

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A concise walk-through of CentOS 7, starting from installation to securing it's environment.

Key Features

  • No previous Linux environment experience needed for reading this book
  • Get comfortable with a popular and stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution
  • Most of the command line based concepts are explained with graphics

Book Description

Linux kernel development has been the worlds largest collaborative project to date. With this practical guide, you will learn Linux through one of its most popular and stable distributions.

This book will introduce you to essential Linux skills using CentOS 7. It describes how a Linux system is organized, and will introduce you to key command-line concepts you can practice on your own. It will guide you in performing basic system administration tasks and day-to-day operations in a Linux environment.

You will learn core system administration skills for managing a system running CentOS 7 or a similar operating system, such as RHEL 7, Scientific Linux, and Oracle Linux. You will be able to perform installation, establish network connectivity and user and process management, modify file permissions, manage text files using the command line, and implement basic security administration after covering this book.

By the end of this book, you will have a solid understanding of working with Linux using the command line.

What you will learn

  • Understand file system hierarchy and essential command-line skills
  • Use Vi editor, I/O redirections and how to work with common text manipulating tools
  • Create, delete, modify user accounts and manage passwords and their aging policy
  • Manage file ownership, permissions, and ACL
  • Execute process management and monitoring on the command line
  • Validate and manage network configuration using nmcli
  • Manage remote logins using SSH and file transfer using SCP and Rsync
  • Understand system logging, how to control system services with systemd and systemctl, and manage firewalId

Who this book is for

Any individual who wants to learn how to use Linux as server or desktop in his environment. Whether you are a developer, budding system administrator, or tech lover with no previous Linux administration background, you will be able to start your journey in Linux using CentOS 7 with this book.

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