C++ Reactive Programming

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C++ Reactive Programming Praseed Pai, Peter Abraham - okładka książki

C++ Reactive Programming Praseed Pai, Peter Abraham - okładka książki

C++ Reactive Programming Praseed Pai, Peter Abraham - okładka audiobooka MP3

C++ Reactive Programming Praseed Pai, Peter Abraham - okładka audiobooks CD

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Learn how to implement the reactive programming paradigm with C++ and build asynchronous and concurrent applications

Key Features

  • Efficiently exploit concurrency and parallelism in your programs
  • Use the Functional Reactive programming model to structure programs
  • Understand reactive GUI programming to make your own applications using Qt

Book Description

Reactive programming is an effective way to build highly responsive applications with an easy-to-maintain code base. This book covers the essential functional reactive concepts that will help you build highly concurrent, event-driven, and asynchronous applications in a simpler and less error-prone way.

C++ Reactive Programming begins with a discussion on how event processing was undertaken by different programming systems earlier. After a brisk introduction to modern C++ (C++17), you'll be taken through language-level concurrency and the lock-free programming model to set the stage for our foray into the Functional Programming model. Following this, you'll be introduced to RxCpp and its programming model. You'll be able to gain deep insights into the RxCpp library, which facilitates reactive programming. You'll learn how to deal with reactive programming using Qt/C++ (for the desktop) and C++ microservices for the Web.

By the end of the book, you will be well versed with advanced reactive programming concepts in modern C++ (C++17).

What you will learn

  • Understand language-level concurrency in C++
  • Explore advanced C++ programming for the FRP
  • Uncover the RxCpp library and its programming model
  • Mix the FP and OOP constructs in C++ 17 to write well-structured programs
  • Master reactive microservices in C++
  • Create custom operators for RxCpp
  • Learn advanced stream processing and error handling

Who this book is for

If you're a C++ developer interested in using reactive programming to build asynchronous and concurrent applications, you'll find this book extremely useful. This book doesn't assume any previous knowledge of reactive programming.

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