Mastering Matplotlib 2.x (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)Książka w języku angielskim

Okładka książki/ebooka Mastering Matplotlib 2.x

Okładka książki Mastering Matplotlib 2.x

Okładka książki Mastering Matplotlib 2.x

Okładka książki Mastering Matplotlib 2.x

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Understand and build beautiful and advanced plots with Matplotlib and Python

Key Features

  • Practical guide with hands-on examples to design interactive plots
  • Advanced techniques to constructing complex plots
  • Explore 3D plotting and visualization using Jupyter Notebook

Book Description

In this book, you'll get hands-on with customizing your data plots with the help of Matplotlib. You'll start with customizing plots, making a handful of special-purpose plots, and building 3D plots. You'll explore non-trivial layouts, Pylab customization, and more about tile configuration. You'll be able to add text, put lines in plots, and also handle polygons, shapes, and annotations. Non-Cartesian and vector plots are exciting to construct, and you'll explore them further in this book. You'll delve into niche plots and visualize ordinal and tabular data. In this book, you'll be exploring 3D plotting, one of the best features when it comes to 3D data visualization, along with Jupyter Notebook, widgets, and creating movies for enhanced data representation. Geospatial plotting will also be explored. Finally, you'll learn how to create interactive plots with the help of Jupyter.

Learn expert techniques for effective data visualization using Matplotlib 3 and Python with our latest offering -- Matplotlib 3.0 Cookbook

What you will learn

  • Deal with non-trivial and unusual plots
  • Understanding Basemap methods
  • Customize and represent data in 3D
  • Construct Non-Cartesian and vector plots
  • Design interactive plots using Jupyter Notebook
  • Make movies for enhanced data representation

Who this book is for

This book is aimed at individuals who want to explore data visualization techniques. A basic knowledge of Matplotlib and Python is required.

0 Benjamin Walter Keller


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