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Chris Backhouse - ebooki

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Chris Backhouse is an independent web developer with 30 years of experience in Software Development. Over the past 3 years, he has specialized in optimising businesses by building customized web applications based on LAMP technologies and PHP frameworks such as Yii. He has been using web platforms for more than 10 years. Previously, Chris provided independent consultancy to international businesses around Europe. His particular expertise lay in the management of introducing advanced technologies into the system development work place and the creation and maintenance of the processes involved. Companies such as Cisco Inc, Hyder plc, and Microsoft UK have benefited in these areas. Chris previously worked in Senior IT Management, managing a variety of Software Development projects from 5 man teams to 25 man teams and multi-million pound projects. Also, he has experience with every aspect of the development life cycle, including Risk Analysis and Management, Statement of Requirements, Cost Analysis, and Resourcing and Scheduling. At all times, Chris has maintained an interest in evolving technologies, from relational databases in the early 1980′s through to Object-oriented software design and development in the 1990′s. Chris now builds web-based, enterprise-wide systems for the web connected world.

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Tytuły autora: Chris Backhouse dostępne w księgarni Helion

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