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Antoine Amend - ebooki

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Antoine Amend is a data scientist passionate about big data engineering and scalable computing. The books theme of torturing astronomical amounts of unstructured data to gain new insights mainly comes from his background in theoretical physics. Graduating in 2008 with a Msc. in Astrophysics, he worked for a large consultancy business in Switzerland before discovering the concept of big data at the early stages of Hadoop. He has embraced big data technologies ever since, and is now working as the Head of Data Science for cyber security at Barclays Bank. By combining a scientific approach with core IT skills, Antoine qualified two years running for the Big Data World Championships finals held in Austin TX. He Placed in the top 12 in both 2014 and 2015 edition (over 2000+ competitors) where he additionally won the Innovation Award using the methodologies and technologies explained in this book.

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