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Steven Puttemans - ebooki

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Steven Puttemans is a PhD research candidate at the KU Leuven, Department of Industrial Engineering Sciences. At this university, he is working for the EAVISE research group, which focuses on combining computer vision and artificial intelligence. He obtained a master of science degree in Electronics-ICT and further expanded his interest in computer vision by obtaining a master of science in artificial intelligence. As an enthusiastic researcher, his goal is to combine state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms with real-life industrial problems to provide robust and complete object detection solutions for the industry. His previous projects include TOBCAT, an open source object detection framework for industrial object detection problems, and a variety of smaller computer vision-based industrial projects. During these projects, Steven worked closely with the industry. Steven is also an active participant in the OpenCV community. He is a moderator of the OpenCV Q&A forum, and has submitted or reviewed many bug fixes and improvements for OpenCV 3. He also focuses on putting as much of his research as possible back into the framework to further support the open source spirit. More info about Steven's research, projects, and interests can be found at https://stevenputtemans.github.io.

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Tytuły autora: Steven Puttemans dostępne w księgarni Helion

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