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Utkarsh Sinha - ebooki

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Utkarsh Sinha lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he is pursuing a master's in computer vision at Carnegie Mellon University. He intends to learn the state of the art of computer vision at the university and work on real-life industrial scale computer vision challenges. Before joining CMU, he worked as a Technical Director at Dreamworks Animation on movies such as Home, How to Train your Dragon 2, and Madagascar 3. His work spans multiple movies and multiple generations of graphics technology. He earned his bachelor of engineering degree in computer science and his master of science degree in mathematics from BITS-Pilani, Goa. He has been working in the field of computer vision for about 6 years as a consultant and as a software engineer at start-ups. He blogs at https://utkarshsinha.com/ about various topics in technologymost of which revolve around computer vision. He also publishes computer vision tutorials on the Internet through his website, AI Shack (https://aishack.in/). His articles help people understand concepts in computer vision every day.

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Tytuły autora: Utkarsh Sinha dostępne w księgarni Helion

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