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Nisarg Thakkar - ebooki

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Nisarg Thakkar is a software developer and a tech enthusiast in general. He primarily programs in C++ and Java. He has extensive experience in Android app development and computer vision application development using OpenCV. He has also contributed to an OpenCV project and works on its development during his free time. His interests lie in stereo vision, virtual reality, and exploiting the Android platform for noncommercial projects that benefit the people who cannot afford the conventional solutions. He was also the subcoordinator of the Mobile App Club at his university. He was also the cofounder of two start-ups at his college, which he started with his group of friends. One of these start-ups has developed Android apps for hotels, while the other is currently working on building a better contact manager app for the Android platform. Nisarg Thakkar is currently studying at BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa campus, where he will be graduating with a degree in engineering (hons.) in computer science in May 2016. He can be reached at nisargtha@gmail.com.

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