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Spiros Economakis - ebooki

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Data wydania

Spiros started as a Software Engineer in 2010 and went through a series of jobs and roles from Software Engineer, Software Architect to Head of Cloud. In 2013 founded its own startup and that was the first touch with DevOps culture and built with a small team a couple of CI/CD pipelines for a microservice architecture and mobile apps releases. After this in most of the companies involved to influence DevOps culture and automation.

In 2019 started as an SRE in Lenses (acquired by Celonis) and soon influenced the organization with Kubernetes, GitOps, Cloud and transitioned to a position as Head of Cloud where he introduced GitOps across the whole company and used Argo CD for bootstrapping k8s clusters with utilities and continuous delivery applications. Now he works in an open-source company which is called Mattermost as a Senior Engineering Manager/SRE where he transformed the old GitOps approach (fluxcd) to GitOps v2.0 with Argo CD and built a scalable architecture for multi-tenancy

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