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Sheridan Yuen - ebooki

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Sheridan Yuen is a Microsoft .NET MCTS and Oracle Java SCJP certified software developer, living in London, England. His passion for coding made him stand out from the crowd right from the start. Since his second year at university, he was employed as a teaching assistant for the first year student coding workshops and has been returning as a guest lecturer.

Among other prestigious positions, he was the primary software developer for the Ministry of Sound group for four years, working on their main music business application, responsible for creating their multi-award-winning albums. This application managed to increase its users' productivity by up to 80% in some cases.

In addition to this, he architected a unique ticket scanning application for their award-winning nightclub, making it the first club in the world to introduce scanned ticket entry across all streams for their clients. Coming from a musical background and being a qualified audio engineer, with experience of record production and digital audio, this post was a perfect union.

He soon became a popular figure in the C# and WPF sections of the Stack Overflow, "question and answer" website, being awarded enough reputation by the community members to raise him too well within the top half percent of all users. While authoring this book and other projects has kept him away for some time, he is keen to return to continue to help new users to get to grips with WPF.

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