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Rejah Rehim - ebooki

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Rejah Rehim is currently the Director and CEO of Beagle Security. Previously holding the title of Security Architect at FAYA India, he is a long-time preacher of Open Source. He is a steady contributor to the Mozilla Foundation and has been featured in the San Francisco Firefox Monument. A member of the Mozilla Add-On review board, he has contributed to the development of several node modules. He has to his credit the creation of nine Mozilla Add-Ons including the very popular Clear Console Add-On which was selected as one of the best Mozilla Add-Ons of 2013. With a user base of more than 44,000, it has been more than 8,00,000 downloads to date. He has successfully created the world's first security testing browser bundle, PenQ, an Open Source Linux-based penetration testing browser bundle pre-configured with tools for spidering, advanced web searching, fingerprinting, etc.

Rejah is also an active member of OWASP and the chapter leader of OWASP Kerala. He is also an active
speaker at FAYA:80, a tech community-based in Kerala, with the mission of Free Knowledge Sharing. Besides
being a part of the Cyber Security division of FAYA, Rejah is also a student of Process Automation and has
implemented it in FAYA.

Additionally, Rejah also holds the title of Commander at Cyberdome, an initiative of the Kerala Police Department.

Technical Skills - Cybersecurity, DevOps, DevSecOps, Kubernetes, Python, Microservices, Cloud Architecting

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Tytuły autora: Rejah Rehim dostępne w księgarni Helion

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