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Joe Dissmeyer - ebooki

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Joe Dissmeyer has a strong background in enterprise-class software and IT systems which include VMware, Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Exchange Server, and Cisco. He holds multiple IT certifications and has an A.S. degree in Computer Information Science. Joe currently works as part of a team of network engineers for a company in central Florida. Prior to accepting this position, he was working as a Senior Technician for a healthcare provider, a Domain Administrator for a small college, and a Service Desk Specialist for a Fortune 100 company. Joe is well versed in server, desktop, and network administration. Aside from his full-time job, Joe is a managed service provider for a few small businesses in central Florida where he provides various remote and onsite IT consulting services. He volunteers his knowledge and skills by participating in the Microsoft Answers forums, the Spiceworks IT Professional Community, and frequently posts troubleshooting and tech articles on his website at www.joedissmeyer.com. Joe is an active member of his local community and shares the visual and audio setup responsibilities with his church's tech ministry team every week. Joe's specialties are the Windows desktop, Windows Server engineering, operating system deployment, network troubleshooting, and network administration. His biggest strength is that he has a deep understanding of how information technology systems work and how they affect a business. You can contact Joe through his website at www.joedissmeyer.com, or via e-mail at joe@joedissmeyer.com.

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