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Deepanshu Khanna - ebooki

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Deepanshu Khanna is a 29-year-old information security and cybercrime consultant and a pioneer in his country. The young and dynamic personality of Deepanshu has not only assisted him in handling information security and cybercrimes but also in creating awareness about these things. He’s a hacker appreciated by the Indian government, including the Ministry of Home Affairs and Defence, police departments, and many other institutes, universities, globally renowned IT firms, magazines, and newspapers. He started his career by presenting a popular hack of GRUB at HATCon. He also conducted popular research in the fields of IDS and AIDE and demonstrated MD5 collisions and Buffer overflows, among other things. His work has been published in various magazines such as pentestmag, Hakin9, e-forensics, SD Journal, and hacker5. He has been invited as a guest speaker to public conferences such as DEF CON, ToorCon, OWASP, HATCon, H1hackz, and many other universities and institutes.

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Tytuły autora: Deepanshu Khanna dostępne w księgarni Helion

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