Python for Excel

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Felix Zumstein
Python for Excel Felix Zumstein - okładka książki

Python for Excel Felix Zumstein - okładka książki

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While Excel remains ubiquitous in the business world, recent Microsoft feedback forums are full of requests to include Python as an Excel scripting language. In fact, it's the top feature requested. What makes this combination so compelling? In this hands-on guide, Felix Zumstein--creator of xlwings, a popular open source package for automating Excel with Python--shows experienced Excel users how to integrate these two worlds efficiently.

Excel has added quite a few new capabilities over the past couple of years, but its automation language, VBA, stopped evolving a long time ago. Many Excel power users have already adopted Python for daily automation tasks. This guide gets you started.

  • Use Python without extensive programming knowledge
  • Get started with modern tools, including Jupyter notebooks and Visual Studio code
  • Use pandas to acquire, clean, and analyze data and replace typical Excel calculations
  • Automate tedious tasks like consolidation of Excel workbooks and production of Excel reports
  • Use xlwings to build interactive Excel tools that use Python as a calculation engine
  • Connect Excel to databases and CSV files and fetch data from the internet using Python code
  • Use Python as a single tool to replace VBA, Power Query, and Power Pivot

O autorze książki

1 Felix Zumstein

Felix Zumstein jest ekspertem w dziedzinie zastosowania Excela w biznesie i w rozwiązywaniu problemów z tym programem w różnych branżach. Napisał i rozwija xlwings, popularny pakiet open source służący do automatyzacji pracy w Excelu za pomocą kodu Pythona.


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