Hacking Kubernetes

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Hacking Kubernetes Andrew Martin, Michael Hausenblas - okładka książki

Hacking Kubernetes Andrew Martin, Michael Hausenblas - okładka książki

Hacking Kubernetes Andrew Martin, Michael Hausenblas - okładka audiobooka MP3

Hacking Kubernetes Andrew Martin, Michael Hausenblas - okładka audiobooks CD

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Want to run your Kubernetes workloads safely and securely? This practical book provides a threat-based guide to Kubernetes security. Each chapter examines a particular component's architecture and potential default settings and then reviews existing high-profile attacks and historical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). Authors Andrew Martin and Michael Hausenblas share best-practice configuration to help you harden clusters from possible angles of attack.

This book begins with a vanilla Kubernetes installation with built-in defaults. You'll examine an abstract threat model of a distributed system running arbitrary workloads, and then progress to a detailed assessment of each component of a secure Kubernetes system.

  • Understand where your Kubernetes system is vulnerable with threat modelling techniques
  • Focus on pods, from configurations to attacks and defenses
  • Secure your cluster and workload traffic
  • Define and enforce policy with RBAC, OPA, and Kyverno
  • Dive deep into sandboxing and isolation techniques
  • Learn how to detect and mitigate supply chain attacks
  • Explore filesystems, volumes, and sensitive information at rest
  • Discover what can go wrong when running multitenant workloads in a cluster
  • Learn what you can do if someone breaks in despite you having controls in place

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1 Andrew Martin, Michael Hausenblas

Michael Hausenblas pracuje w Amazon Web Services, gdzie wraz z zespołem zajmuje się bezpieczeństwem kontenerów. Ma bogate doświadczenie w tworzeniu natywnej infrastruktury i natywnych aplikacji dla chmury. Pisze artykuły i książki, prowadzi prelekcje i współtworzy otwarte oprogramowanie.

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