Accessible EPUB 3

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Matt Garrish
Accessible EPUB 3 Matt Garrish - okładka książki

Accessible EPUB 3 Matt Garrish - okładka książki

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Although the digital revolution has made content available to more people than print books ever could, ebooks are still only as accessible as the foundation they’re built on—and all too often the foundation is weak. But that’s changing. With the introduction of EPUB 3, publishers now have the means to create a single rich data source for audiences of all reading abilities.

Through practical tips and examples, Accessible EPUB 3 takes you inside the EPUB 3 format and explores how you can enrich and enhance content for all readers. Author Matt Garrish demystifies the process of making content easier to access, demonstrating how accessible practices are intertwined with standard content best practices.

Among many techniques, this guide will teach you how to:

  • Add structure and meaning to your publications to make them more usable by accessible technologies
  • Tailor EPUB Navigation Documents for readers requiring either full or reduced navigation
  • Create media overlays to synchronize human narration with text display
  • Improve text-to-speech playback by adding SSML, PLS lexicons, and CSS3 Speech functionality

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