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William Leemans - ebooki

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William Leemans has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry in various positions

and supporting several environments.

In 2005, he started his own consulting company, Critter BVBA, in the hope of offering open

source solutions to his customers, who are mainly enterprises.

In 2010, William started supporting Red Hat products full time with the Federal Police, Belgium.

Since then, he has moved on to support Red Hat products at Proximus and now Euroclear.

William is a strong open source supporter and contributes where he can. He has a couple of

projects running at GitHub (https://github.com/bushvin). During the course of writing

this book, William recertified himself as a Red Hat Certified Engineer, hoping to one day

become a Red Hat Certified Architect.

When he's not tapping away at the keyboard of his laptop, William likes to play around with his

two young children, listen to rock music (Foo Fighters, AC/DC, and Queens of the Stone Age

are some of his favorites), and devising complicated and intricate plots for the stories that he

runs at his biweekly roleplaying sessions with his friends.

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