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Oliver W Connelly - ebooki

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Olly Connelly was conceived in the Summer of Love and likes to think that he's the reincarnation of some dude who copped it after a Woodstock head-banger. Born in Windsor, England, he's no relation. Olly lives with Eugenia, just off a beach in Valencia, Spain. His background is broadcasting and satirical journalism and his experience includes serially annoying the BBC, Bloomberg, and MTV. Web-wise, Olly's a freelance content producer, web developer, and system administrator. His site vpsBible.com guides Linux newbies to set up and maintain their own unmanaged VPS boxes. At guvnr.com, meanwhile, he chats up the web and tries equally to demystify the complex. You can also catch @the_guv on the mighty T where he tweets tech 'n tonics. • vpsBible, Setup Unmanaged VPS 4 Linux Noobs! – http://vpsbible.com • guvnr.com, Make the web, make more of it – http://guvnr.com • on Twitter, Tech 'n tonics – http://twitter.com/the_guv • Olly Connelly, Pop by, say hi :) – ollybook@guvnr.com He likes kite-surfing, George Norey's CoasttoCoastam.com, ranting about (what's censored on) the news and, failing all that, a damn fine pint.

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