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Nathanael J. Anderson - ebooki

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Nathanael J. Anderson has been developing software for over 20 years in a wide range of industries including games, time management, imaging, service, printing, accounting, land management, security, the web, and even, believe it or not, some successful government projects. He is currently the owner of Master Technology, co-founder of nStudio, LLC, and can create a solution for any type of application (native, web, mobile and hybrid) running on any operating system. As a senior devops engineer he can work, tune, and secure everything from your backend servers to the final destination of the data on your desktop or mobile devices. By understanding the entire infrastructure, including real or virtualized hardware; he can totally eliminate many different types of issue between all parts of the framework. He currently runs the entire NativeScript.rocks family of sites, has multiple highly rated cross-platform plugins for NativeScript and works heavily in the NativeScript community.

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