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Micheal Shallop - kursy video

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Micheal Shallop started programming in 1981 on a Tandy TRS-80 Model 1 and hasnt stopped since. He graduated in 1991 from Oklahoma State University with an Honors degree in Computer Science. In his career, hes coded in many programming languages and has used a variety of databases, relational and otherwise. He was the technical author of a patent awarded in 2011 for his work on real-time data collection, aggregation, and forecasting in a conventional (automotive) business.
He is currently working for givingassistant.org, designing and writing a back-end, event-driven, object-oriented, data-agnostic framework utilizing AMQP as the data transport vector and PHP 7.1 as the primary language. He has been programming in PHP for MongoDB since 2010 and has been the architect of several systems, mostly back-end frameworks.
Micheal is interested in anything with a programming language behind it. Most recently, he has been experimenting with Arduino programming on the Raspberry Pi, and writing a social media site in Python. He is also technically skilled in RabbitMQ, general database tech, Python, C/C++, Linux

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