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Juan Pablo Novillo Requena - ebooki

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Juan started building PHP websites professionally in London after finishing his University studies in 2006. He spent some time using Symfony and Ruby on Rails and in 2010, back in Spain, he created his first website with Drupal. His commitment with the Drupal Community started a year later once he discovered how much fun and challenging it was to contribute. Currently, he maintains several modules such as Twitter and Oauth among others, he frequently submits and reviews patches for other projects (recently Drush), he participates in the Madrid and Spanish communities with talks and code sprints and overall he does his best to help Drupal evolve and become known to a wider audience. I would like to thank Lorena for her everyday support in my career and life. My family for believing in me and being so helpful. Also, thanks to my colleague Tushar Mahajan (http://drupal.org/user/398572), whose passion for Drupal and guidance was what got me into all this up to a level I could not even imagine. Juan's Drupal profile can be found at http://drupal.org/user/682736.

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