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Joseph Edmonds - ebooki

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Joseph Edmonds is a business owner, developer, and author. He is a Zend Certified Engineer, among his other credentials. He's been a part of the e-commerce, tech, and PHP development worlds since the dawn of the millennium. He witnessed the exploding growth of e-commerce from the early days, helping several companies advance and expand their operations. During this time, he has had the pleasure of seeing PHP grow from a fairly amateur language, punching way above its weight, into a modern and highly performant language for serious enterprise projects.

Responding to a growing demand for highly specialized PHP development services, he launched Edmonds Commerce in 2007. As an independent agency, Edmonds Commerce provides highly specialist PHP development services to businesses that use open source PHP, and predominantly Magento, as the backbone of their online systems, solving even the most complex and unique PHP development challenges.

As a way to offer a high-level, interrelated service to businesses who want to accelerate their growth, he started an exciting new venture in 2020. LTS (Long Term Support Ltd.) provides expert help in recruitment, training, DevOps and infrastructure, consultancy, and development.

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Tytuły autora: Joseph Edmonds dostępne w księgarni Helion

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