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Iltaf (Altaf) Hussain Gul - książki

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Altaf Hussain is a fullstack web and mobile app developer with over 6 years of
experience in PHP development. He received his degree in electrical engineering and
specialized in computer and communications from Pakistan. Altaf is an electrical
engineer on paper and a software engineer by heart.
He worked as a system programmer in his team, developing control software for
small test robots using assembly languages and C. After this, Altaf got interested
in web technologies and never looked back. He has worked with numerous PHP
frameworks, including Zend, Laravel, and Yii, and open source systems such
as Drupal, WordPress, PrestaShop, and Magento. Altaf designed and built two
proprietary CMS systems with full support for multiple languages and models,
permissions, and translations, as well as different kinds of multilingual content
management. Now, he works in the fashion industry as the head of IT at shy7lo.com,
where his role is to manage the development team on the premises and abroad, in
order to manage Magento and Laravel applications development and the deployment
life cycle. Besides web apps, Altaf has worked on iOS and Android applications,
including building APIs in Lumen. He is a big fan of service-oriented architecture
(SOA) and successfully uses it in different applications.
Altaf actively researches on website performance and has deployed the latest
technologies, such as PHP 7, NGINX, Redis, Varnish, and others, in production
environments for high-speed and scalable applications. He is a Debian lover and
uses it for all of his web application deployments.
When not working, Altaf writes articles for programmingtunes.com and
techyocean.com. He has reviewed several books for Packt Publishing, including
Learning Phalcon PHP, Mastering jQuery Mobile, and PrestaShop Module

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