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Andrew Duncan - ebooki

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Contacted on 2nd May '16


Andrew Duncan’s passion for the Internet and Web Development began from a young age, when he spent much of his time creating websites and installing/managing a 2 km2 wide wireless mesh network for his local, rural community.

After graduating in Business & Management from the University of Glasgow, Andrew was inspired to set up a business offering web development, training and consultancy as SwarmOnline. During expansion, he partnered with Stuart Ashworth at the end of 2010. His experience is now expansive, having worked with a variety of small, medium and multinational businesses for both the public and private sector markets.

Sencha’s technologies first became of interest to Andrew more than three years ago. His knowledge and enthusiasm was recognized in the Sencha Touch App Contest where SwarmOnline secured a top 10 place.

This talent did not go unrecognized as Sencha soon signed SwarmOnline as their first official partner outside the US.

When not immersed in technology, Andrew lives in Glasgow’s West End with his girlfriend, Charlotte. He enjoys skiing, curling and DIY projects. Andrew can be found on swarmonline.com/blog, by email and twitter.


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