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Ajith Vasudevan - ebooki

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Ajith Vasudevan is an electronics, computer, and IoT enthusiast who likes to apply his knowledge in these fields to make modern living easy for himself and others around him. He has a bachelor's of technology degree in electrical and electronics engineering. He was interested in automation and IoT even before the term IoT became commonplace. He designed and built an automatic overhead-tank motor operator using $1 worth of electronic parts back in 1995, which is operating at his parents home to this day. He has automated and made it simple and efficient to operate many household appliances, for example, an automatic geyser switch that turns itself off after 10 minutes, saving electricity. It can be set to switch on at any specified time or can be controlled from anywhere. Today, even his friends and neighbors use this system. Ajith has worked in the heavy electrical industry before joining his current employer, Infosys Technologies Limited, in the year 2000. He is presently a senior computer scientist at EdgeVerve Systems, a subsidiary of Infosys. At work, he enjoys programming and has done so for over a decade and a half.

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