Thirty Thousand on the Hoof (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)Książka w języku angielskim

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Frontier story of Logan Hewitt and his wife Lucinda and their trials and travails as a pioneer family in Arizona. Story proceeds through development of the automobile and World War I. This is a tale of a single family, told mostly from the point of view of the woman who left comfort to move west and marry her sweetheart. It is also a very nice lens by which we can see the growth and change in this country. Through the Huetts eyes we see the world grow and change, while the patriarch, Logan, clings to his dream of 30,000 cattle. Ends with family starting over after being swindled out of almost a million dollars and two sons being killed in the war. Although the story has some sadness to it, the family demonstrates an ability to overcome all obstacles, including loss of loved ones and family wealth. An inspiring, uplifting story.

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