The Man Who Fell Through the Earth (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)Książka w języku angielskim

Carolyn Wells
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The Man Who Fell Through the Earth is a traditional mystery novel by American author Carolyn Wells, set in 1920-s in New York. A lawyer is leaving his office on the top floor of an office building. He sees the shadows of two men fighting through the clouded glass of an office door followed by a shot from the office across the hall. He goes to investigate. He finds no sign of either victim or assailant despite the fact that no one could have passed him in the hallway without being seen. From there the story twists and turns whose the villains, whats the story behind the murder and who is the mystery man the man who fell through the earth? These are the mysteries that the detective Pennington Wise must solve in... The Man Who Fell Through the Earth!

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