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Murder in Picadilly is a typical so-called Golden Age detective story published in 1936 and set in and around Soho. The story concerns the fortunes of a young man named Bobbie Cheldon. Bobbie has fallen head over heels in love with a nightclub dancer Nancy Curzon at The Frozen Fang nightclub but she is attracted not so much to Bobbie as to the fortune he expects to inherit. Bobbies miserly uncle Massy stands between him and happiness: he will not relinquish the ten thousand a year on which Nancys hopes rest. Worse, Bobbies fallen under the sway of one Nosey Ruslin, Nancys theatrical agent hoping to profit from Bobbies relationship woes and wealthy uncle. And soon, Massys life will end on a crowded platform of the London Underground, the killer pursued by Scotland Yards Inspector Wake...

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